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go commands:
build       compile packages and dependencies
clean       remove object files and cached files
doc         show documentation for package or symbol
env         print Go environment info'
bug         start a bug report
fix         update packages to use new APIs
fmt         gofmt (reformat) package sources
generate    generate Go files by processing source
get         download and install packages and dependencies
install     compile and install packages and dependencies
list        list packages
run         compile and run Go program
test        test packages
tool        run specified go tool
version     print Go version
vet         report likely mistakes in packages

Additional help topics:
c           calling between Go and C
buildmode   build modes
cache       build and test caching
filetype    file types
gopath      GOPATH environment variable
environment environment variables
importpath  import path syntax
packages    package lists
testflag    testing flags
testfunc    testing functions

Use "go help [topic]" for more info' about that topic.
go run main.go    // in memory
go test main.go   // 
go build main.go  // makes executable

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